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Personal Training

Personal Training at Fitness Plus, Longridge, Preston – The standard of coaching you will find at Fitness plus is second to none. We work in an immense level of detail and use a wide range of coaching practices to ensure each and every client reaches their full potential. We often look at 4 key areas to help people reach their goal; exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and psychology

Each coaching package includes:

– Full 24/7 access to your coach
– Weekly measurements
– Tailor made training programme
– Diet created relative to your goal
– Education and regular assessments to keep you on track
– Access to Fitness plus exclusive content such as videos,
articles and private Facebook groups
– Bi-weekly training and diet review
– Text and email support

The one thing we base our personal training on is education. We know that when clients fully understand what we are telling them to do and why, they are more compliant, enjoy what they are doing and get results!

We take a great pride on ensuring our clients don’t just achieve their results, they smash them! We coach them through a journey from where they are at the moment they first see us. To where they never expected to be! Within this we address nutrition, diet, exercise and lifestyle.

Over the years I have invested heavily in my education for Personal training. This includes courses across all fields to do with Nutrition, Exercise and Psychology. My personal goal is to be seen as the best coach.

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