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Fitness Plus member Covid update

Gym improvements

You may or may not have seen we have made significant improvements to the gym while we have been closed. Which we normally would not have been able to make due to the logistics of the gym being open. These include:

  • Reception Renovation -  new desks, new shelving and paint job.
  • Gym refurb - painting walls and poles.
  • Purchase of new equipment our members wanted -  Hip Thrust machine and Pec Dec/Reverse fly machine!
  • New radio/music with up to date adverts.
  • New gym mats.
  • New lock collars for bars.
  • New weight plates.
  • New QR code scanner upon entry to the gym. – Download App?
  • Plus much more!

Measures we’ve taken

But what we want to do is assure you of the steps we have taken to make sure the gym is as hygienically clean as possible and within COVID regulations as set by the Government such as:

  • Mandatory hand sanitiser station at the turnstile upon entry.
  • Cleaning station at the entry to the gym to ensure vending machine cleanliness.
  • The closing of lockers until further notice.
  • No water machine mouth tap (The bottle tap will still be able to use).
  • Gym floor will be staffed within core hours.
  • New staff cleaning rota.
  • New hygiene stations in both rooms, on each and every window sill.
  • Social distancing markers around the gym.
  • Maximum of 20 members allowed in the facility at any one point. This is well under the official guideline number that has been set (100sq/ft per member).
  • No group training sessions.
  • Showers will be out of use, toilets will be allowed.
  • All doors, where possible will be left open.
  • The closure of certain pieces of cardio equipment to ensure social distancing
  • New “no touch” bins
  • Maximum of 2 members in reception
  • No Personal Training sessions for at least the first week
  • Air conditioning systems sterilised and hygienically cleaned
  • A full gym deep clean from a professional company

Measures we need YOU to do

What we would also like to ask, are steps we want YOU to take to keep yourself, our staff and other members safe as enlisted by Government regulations.

  • Compulsory Key Fob - This acts as booking you in to the gym, as we have to keep a record of who is in the gym at what times on what days. So, no need to book your slot. Our New QR Scanner means you can download the ClubLink App and have your key fob on your phone. 
  • Coming to the gym ready to train – Please do not use the gym changing rooms to get changed as lockers will also be out of use to reduce the spread.
  • Limiting training time to 45 mins – 60 mins.
  • Compulsory hand sanitiser upon entry/exit.
  • Compulsory wiping down of any equipment once finished with – This includes Dumbbells, weigh pins, handles, seats, attachments, weight plates, Kettle Bells, bars, bands etc.
  • Letting staff know of any social distance/rule breaking – for your safety, and the safety of others!
  • Avoid training in groups.
  • Maintaining social distancing.
  • Face masks are at the discretion of members, NOT compulsory.

We understand the gym may seem very different compared to pre-lockdown. However, we have always maintained such a high standard of cleaning and have never had any complaints. We aim to keep such high standards and want everyone to feel safe and reassured, as this may become the “new normal” for now. Our staff are devoted to getting the gym back open and operations resuming back to normal as quick as possible. This will be done with your help, as much as ours! 

Rule Breaking

For anyone who is seen to be flouting any of our rules, the simple solution is we will politely ask you to leave, until further notice. As we cannot risk any spread of the disease, not only that, but we do not want to run the risk of being shut down, or the local area being put into a localised lockdown due to incompetent members not taking care of themselves or any of the fair rules we have set.