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Online Coaching

Online Coaching Is Perfect For Those Who Want Real & Trusted Results Through A Reliable Coach

Online coaching is a fantastic way of getting real and trusted results without having to physically attend the gym to see a coach. But still be held accountable by one! Most people undertake Online Coaching when they can’t travel to the gym due to other commitments, also when the price of Personal Training doesn’t fit their finances.

Online Coaching at Fitness Plus includes the following:

  • Initial Skype consultation to discuss goals and “meet and greet”
  • Full bespoke training programme relative to clients goal and starting point
  • Full bespoke nutrition programme relative to clients goal and starting point
  • 24/7 access to your coach via email, message, whatsapp etc.
  • Access to Fitness Plus Member Area
  • Access to exclusive video content i.e. exercise tutorials and educational videos to help along the journey
  • Skype call every week to “check in” and discuss weight, training, nutrition etc.

All of this for only £100 a month – initial booking 3 months minimum.

Will Smith

Head Coach at Fitness Plus

E: [email protected]

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