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Starting Weight
Current Weight
Body Fat Change
32.1% - 19.9%
Muscle Change
31.1% - 34.3%


I have been having personal training sessions with Ben intermittently for just over a year, and in that time, Ben has helped me achieve goals which previously I would not have thought were realistic. Through working with Ben, I have been able to step away from the figure on the scales and think about my goals in terms of fat and muscle percentages, which has helped greatly. Ben has also taught me the importance of macros and eating the right sort of food to fuel workouts, as well as achieve goals. Ben is great to work with, always introducing new exercises to my workouts so that I never get bored, but most importantly, I never feel judged by Ben, and know that if I haven’t had the most successful week, he will help me to think of ways to turn that around. Thanks Ben!

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