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Starting Weight
Current Weight
Body Fat Change
36.1% - 23.9%
Muscle Change
26% - 31.6%


I decided to give personal training a go as I was struggling with motivation at the gym. I began my PT sessions with Will in May 2018 when we discussed my goals, lifestyle, diet and exercise. Will not only developed a workout programme for me but also gave me realistic but challenging targets to meet in relation to calorie consumption, protein intake, water intake and exercise. I began tracking my food intake and increased to 3 gym sessions per week including my PT session. Will showed me how to exercise and use the equipment properly to get maximum benefit and advised me on my diet giving me lots of helpful hints and tips. In the space of 8 months my weight reduced by almost 10kg and even more pleasingly my body fat percentage reduced from 36.1% to 23.9% and my muscle percentage increased from 26% to 31.6%.Will is always encouraging me to keep on track but never tells me off if I have had a bad week. It hasn’t stopped me from eating out regularly and drinking at the weekend and really hasn’t been difficult to achieve. Without the PT sessions I know that by now I would probably have given up on the gym and be no further forward than when I joined just over a year ago. I can really see a difference in my body shape and feel much more confident, especially on holiday. Will is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and always finds positives in my performance. I would highly recommend having PT sessions to get the most out of training and achieve the results you want.

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