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Starting Weight
Current Weight
Body Fat Change
54% - 36%
Muscle Change
19.7% - 28.3%


I started at Fitness Plus in October 2018. I’d previously tried many diets and had been successful losing 6 stone with Slimming World, however as soon as I stopped ‘being on plan’ I put half of it back on within 12 months gaining 2 dress sizes. I tried other diets after this, but they were impossible to keep up with due to complex cooking or crazy unmanageable work outs... so, it was really refreshing when I sat down with Will who told me weight loss could happen without any of the complicated restrictive nonsense I’d previously been yo-yo’ing with. With Will’s help I’ve ditched boring cardio workouts and sickening HIIT sessions, and I’ve now got an amazing programme I enjoy coming to the gym to do! I’ve learnt good technique and used machines I’d previously been terrified of AND I can eat all the things I love again and drink my favourite fizz on a weekend! The best bit though? Here I am, 4 months later, the smallest I’ve ever been as an adult, 3 dress sizes down! I can’t recommend the gym enough, it’s clean, the equipment is excellent and the support is exceptional.. you really feel the guys care about your goals. Fitness Plus is my happy place ?

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