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Starting Weight
Current Weight
Body Fat Change
34.5% - 24.2%
Muscle Change
27.1% - 32.1%


I thought I had a good understanding of health and fitness but I had been going to the gym and was a keen runner for years, but never managed to lose the weight I wanted and keep it off. Personal training with Ben has turned this around, and I now feel a lot more knowledgeable with my nutrition and training. Ben put me at ease from the very first session, in which we discussed what I wanted to achieve and looked at my fitness goals. With these in mind he took me back to the basics of training, which we have since built on, progressing to heavier weights and more advanced lifts. Along with a detailed programme to follow this has made me a lot more confident when training in the gym. Additionally, nutrition is something I’ve always struggled with, usually eating too little during the week, causing me to binge at the weekend. Ben has taught me how to track and use macros, which still allow me to eat what I enjoy without feeling the need to binge. Since starting personal training I’ve managed to lose over a stone, reduce my body fat percentage and more importantly keeping the weight off. Being at my lowest weight since my teens, now in my 40’s I feel more confident than ever. I’ve finally found something that works for me, thanks to the expertise and guidance from Ben and Fitness Plus.

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