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Exercise & Nutrition Plans

We Want Every Single One Of Our Members To Achieve Their Goal, Whatever It May Be

Therefore, we offer bespoke exercise and/or nutrition programmes. Too often people walk into gyms with no structure or plan and make up their programme as they go along. Members at Fitness Plus are following a detailed and structured exercise plan that is specific to them and their goal but is realistic to achieve.

Our personalised nutrition programme is something that has become incredibly popular with our members.

*each exercise and nutrition programme requires an in-depth consultation and assessment with clients.

Useful Articles


If you’re reading this expecting to find the secret to meal timing or even for us to reveal if you eat breakfast you will increase your fat burning capability by 3000%, you’re going to be disappointed. There are claims breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but if you are on an 1800kcal…


In the world of health and fitness so many nutrition myths are banded about through social media it’s incredibly hard for anyone to decipher the BS from the factual information. We at Fitness Plus have put together a list of 10 nutritional facts. 1. There is no perfect diet for everyone – Despite several marketing…

Muscle GainNutrition

First of all we must ask, what is protein and why should we eat it? Protein is a key substance in the body aiding the maintenance and growth of muscles. Therefore, if we are exercising, in the gym or elsewhere, we constantly need a good supply of protein to keep our muscles and body at…

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