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August 24, 2017

Is fasted cardio going to help me?

Over the years fasted cardio has been believed to be one of the many hot topics as it is believed that doing cardio first thing in the morning "burns more fat" due to food being absent so the body gets its energy from the existing fat...

The truth behind fasted cardio is it is more down to lifestyle and not down to burning more fat first thing in the morning. More people tend to find it easier doing their cardio first thing in the morning, it just so happens, on an empty stomach.

If you are on a 1800 Calorie diet, but you burn 400 Calories on your cardio... the difference between, burning 400 calories first then consuming 1800 calories throughout the day is exactly the same as consuming 1800 calories and then burning 400 calories through cardio. The deficit still remains at 1400 calories.

 Find out what works best for you, some people do their weight session and then cardio (Its not advised the other way around). Other people do their cardio in the morning, others do it in the evening or on their lunch break. The realism is it is no different what time of day you do it.