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August 24, 2017

Fibre: Your key to fat loss

Fibre and digestion go hand in hand. Its actually hard to say what the exact figure is for each person is to consume fibre, as too much can cause digestion problems.

Our gut health is something many people overlook. Fibre is one of the nutrients that can actually help our gut. Fibre helps with digestion, if you've ever felt bloated or full after eating. Having adequate fibre from a range of food sources such as fruit, vegetable and whole grain (depending on the bodies tolerance to whole grain such as bread etc.).

Its very easy to track your fibre intake as most people should be aiming to consume around 20-30 grams of fibre a day. The health of your gut will help determine how your body utilises the nutrients it intakes through food, ideally we want to be utilising al of the protein, fat and carb content that we intake however if gut health isn't at optimal it will struggle to break down our food, causing bloated feeling, tiredness, passing wind and a sickly feeling within our stomach.