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August 24, 2017

Focusing on things you dislike is more beneficial for you

We all have routines in the gym that we like. however, the routines/exercises that we don't like we typically avoid. A prime example of this is leg day! Most guys in the gym will avoid leg day as it isn't the same as getting a pump when training chest.

A way around this could be adding on a couple of leg exercises to your workout 2/3 times a week. This way the legs will get trained which is better than them not being trained at all.

The point is, some exercises hurt.. so we avoid them, some are hard... so we avoid them. This is where muscles become so overdeveloped and underdeveloped. Leaving us a lot stronger and weaker in areas. Most people are weak through their posterior delts (back of the shoulder). Also most are weak within their legs or glutes.

Try training your weaker muscles at least once a week and watch your strength improve in other aspects of your routine. You need to train in the areas you arent training to become stronger!