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August 24, 2017

How you should structure your training

For quite a while, if you spoke to experienced gym "go-ers" they would tell you that split training is the best way to get results. So what is split training?

Split training is basically where you assign a certain day for a certain body part. So the typical split training routine would be:
 Monday - chest
Tuesday - Back
Wednesday - Legs
Thursday - Shoulders
Friday - Arms

Or something similar. You may already do this without knowing! However recent studies suggest that the split training days are over, heres why!

Split training means you only target 1 muscle group once a week. Therefore the next time it gets targeted is 7 days later. What you also find is that if each day is consisted of 10 exercises on that one muscle group, by the 5th/6th set your muscles are so fatigued that you can't push as much weight out as you could at the beginning of the session. Therefore in turn technique suffers, this can shift the tension from the muscles you want to target on to weaker and more overdeveloped muscles.

So what would be best? If you want to get the best results out of the gym research is showing that targeting a muscle more than once a week increases muscle development (this is called an increase in volume). This way you can keep strength through the first part of the session and not let technique suffer if your targeting 2 muscle groups. So heres how you could configure your workouts for the week:

Monday - Chest, Triceps & Back

Tuesday - Shoulders, Biceps & Quads

Wednesday - Back & Hamstrings

Thursday Chest & Shoulders

Friday - Legs & Arms

The idea is that your now targeting each muscle group, at least twice a week, rather than once. You'll be able to keep strength up but with the same amount of exercises!