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August 24, 2017

Lifting heavy vs Lifting correctly

In order to build muscle we have to lift weights. Theres no doubt about it. However, where most people fall short is lifting too heavy. This can be down to a number of reasons:

- your workout partner is stronger than you

- you've been told the heavier the weight the better
- you think the fewer the reps the bigger the muscle
- your new to lifting

First of all we have to think about recruiting the maximum amount of muscle fibres throughout an exercise. What normally happens is people lift too heavier a weight than they can manage which results in a number of things:

- injury

- overdeveloped/underdeveloped muscle groups

If you lift a weight without thinking about initiating your muscle fibres your more than likely going to cause yourself injury. What also happens is your not actually targeting the muscle you actually want to work. A classic example of this is the seated chest press. What normally happens is people bump the weight up, rather than extending through the chest, they round at the back and throw their shoulders forward into the weight, causing the anterior delt (front part of the shoulder) and your tricep to develop. Therefore in turn, these muscles get stronger, your chest gets weaker so you can continue to push the weight up, without your chest actually growing to its full potential.

Be smart, drop the weight and drop the ego!