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August 24, 2017

Why to never neglect your mental health

Quite often we preach about how physical and optimal health can be important and beneficial to a person. Nor do we forget how mental health can be equally beneficial! Not only does the gym improve our physical health in terms of reducing body fat, improving bone strength, ligaments and tendons and also reducing the risk of obesity etc. But the physical exercise also releases endorphins which are a "feel good" hormone. Have you ever been too tired or drained to go to the gym, but once you've been you're glad that you went? That's the body's release of endorphins.

Mental health is something that is under looked quite often. In our consultations with our clients, we like to know every aspect about them in their everyday life and this includes levels of stress they may be under. The stress hormone is cortisol and if cortisol levels are high, your body will quite literally hold onto every cell of fat as a defence mechanism. Stress can be caused by numerous things, which we to find out with each and every client. This can range from relationships, friendships, work and social life etc. Our mission is that everyone achieves their goal, sometimes this can be taking someone back to the basics, helping them become mentally able to cope, before they step foot into the gym or start a programme.

Don't neglect your mental health, if something is causing you stress, acknowledge it, talk to us and hopefully we can help you work your way towards dealing with it! This is something we pride ourselves on and it's also kept totally confidential between trainer and client. It helps to talk to someone... there's nothing we haven't heard, believe us! But if it's holding you back, it will continue to do so until you have that helping hand to guide you!