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July 12, 2017

How a positive environment can mould you into something better

There have been countless videos and posts on our pages whenever we have talked about this. How much do you value yourself? When you have a goal at work, in the gym, in life, whatever it may be... the people that know your goal do they help you and drive you to achieve it, do you drive others towards their goal or do they ridicule you and tell you its not possible. Or do absolutely nothing to help you achieve it?

Do you help others achieve their goal. Do you even set goals? You may help someone achieve their goal without even knowing it just by turning up to the gym with them!
Surround yourself with like minded people who want the same outcome as you! At work, in your office are the people you associate yourself with self driven? Do they want to make the absolute best of what they do or do they simply just tick over and hope it all comes together at some point.
 You can always tell a focused person because they keep their head down, they stay focused and they stay driven. They know when to have fun and when to be serious. 
Go to the gym with someone who pushes you, not someone that holds you back and just wants to talk about their weekend just gone or weekend ahead.