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August 24, 2017

The secrets behind juicing diets

When the New Year hits unfortunately many people (mainly women) resort to quick "diets" to help lose the excess weight gained over the festive period.

The problem with this is that people don't see the bigger picture, juicing diets are misleading and often unsafe for the individual. Without naming any names, these diets resort to going incredibly low in calories and the reason why they get results is because they withdraw a lot of water out from fat cells and muscle cells meaning that when you step on the scales you've lost Scale weight, not body fat.

What happens after the 7 or 9 day cleanse is as soon as you resort back to eating and drinking your normal amount (providing you've not binged out because you've been eating 2 sticks of carrots and a stem of broccoli for the past week or so) your body retains all of that water and you end up putting the weight back on, and in some cases...more!

 The trick is to form a healthy relationship with food and not "limit" or "restrict" yourself too much otherwise you crave things.

If you've been on a low calorie meal plan for a period of time its normal that you will want to pig out once its finished... Just accept that weight loss and fat loss is about patience and looking at the bigger picture over 9 weeks, not 9 days. Small changes, little and often. Don't deprive your body from nutrient rich foods for the sake of a few pounds that you will probably put back on in the end.

 All too often I've spoken to people who have felt physically sick (and been sick!) due to the sudden drop in calories, they don't like the way it tastes, they miss eating food with a fork and knife and have no energy at all for the gym. Be smart, if you have gained weight over the festive period, increase your energy expenditure (i.e.walk more) and look at areas you can tidy up your diet.