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August 24, 2017

Our take on cheat meals

When people start out on a diet they automatically think that 2 weeks into the diet they deserve a "Cheat meal" because they've worked hard for it for 2 weeks.

Things like this cause unhealthy relationships with food, bad eating habits and usually binges.

 Food shouldn't be seen as bad, a lot of what people read about fizzy drinks, sweets etc. is all made up and theres more research coming out now proving this. 
Now, yes there is such thing as good quality food and we always encourage people to eat single ingredient whole based foods. But the point of this post is that as soon as you relate to food as "Bad" or a "cheat meal". Your actually forming an unhealthy relationship with food. 
When your dieting down you will have to restrict your calories somewhat, thats a fact.

But you don't need to have 4 meals a day consisting of chicken, broccoli and rice... you certainly don't need a cheat meal. For the general population dieting down they need to be in a calorie deficit. 
Don't be fooled into indulging in a huge calorie surplus for 1 meal or 1 day, be sensible with your food choices and portion size and within reason you can have anything you want. If you track your calories and macronutrients theres nothing wrong with incorporating a chocolate bar (200 calories?) into your daily nutrition. This way you can stick to your diet and be consistent, and that is key!