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August 24, 2017

Tips and tricks to improve your sleep

As we have said before, sleep is a vital component in reaching your goal. Whether this is building muscle or reducing body fat.

There are numerous ways to improve your sleep, firstly its worth downloading a sleep tracker app, a favourite one is "Sleep Cycle".

This will then breakdown your nights sleep and give you your % in sleep quality in the morning.

 Most commonly people sleep with lights on in their room, not necessarily a night light but lights from outside (due to not having blackout blinds), Mobile phone charger lights, TV lights etc. 
Ideally you need to sleep in a darker room as possible!

 Register what you do an hour before bedtime, most people are on iPads, phones, laptops, computers and/or watch TV.

Caffeine is incredibly important when it comes to sleep, even if you have the bulk of your caffeine within the first part of your day, just be cautious on how much your in taking!

Stress, can impact sleep immensely. If you have had a particularly stressful day and work/family/friends/relationship stress is on your mind you'll more than likely have poor nights sleep.